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Lethbridge Thai Massage Academy has opened theoretical and practical short-term courses for People That ‘s interested in Thai Massage as group; at least six persons. The duration of the training courses are around 1-4 days. It depends on courses.

The learner will receive equipment and training manuals as following;

Methodical material, Mix Fruit Platter, Refreshment, Herbal Tea

International Certificate of LETHBRIDGE THAI MASSAGE ACADEMY

Additionally, for a fee :

You can purchase: textbooks in English, according to your training

and TMC School Chiang-Mai Certificate.

The training program is developed and provided by TMC School Chiang-Mai.

Upon completion of the training, the International Certificate of LETHBRIDGE THAI MASSAGE ACADEMY(LTMA)/TMC School Chiang-Mai is issued and subsequently, the student can continue his education to Thai Traditional Massage in any affiliated TMC School in the world or directly at the TMC School in Chiang Mai.


All courses are recognized by NHPC under CCP program


Foundation of Thai Massage Level 1 (30 hours)

Level 1 Thai Traditional Massage is a solid foundation for students to learn all the techniques of Thai massage in the future. This is the BASE on which the subsequent levels of both traditional Thai massage and other therapeutic techniques will be formed. When studying Level 1, students will receive knowledge of 158 massage positions and techniques of Ancient Thai Traditional Massage, which is officially recognized and documented by King Rama 5. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to study the whole massage. But, thanks to the methodical Program of TMC School Chiang Mai,

The training program takes place in a 4 days period and includes: History of Thai Traditional Massage, examination of 158 positions, indications, contraindications, expected result from massage, practical exercises, written and practical exam.

Training: 4 Days

Tuition fee: $750 CAD

Prepayment is required: $450 CAD


Thai Traditinal Massage apply on Table (12 hours)

Thai Table Massage is the most practical Thai massage for people who prefer to work with massage table. Great complement to spa to apply Thai massage with other massage modality and herbal ball application. The content of this course is based on Foundation of Thai Massage (Level 1), unique revised positions appropriately and applicable on Table and maintain genuineness of Thai massage formalities. The purpose is to suite the physical demand and work space to some practitioners and applicable to beginners as well. Practice on western style massage table with adjustable height for effective massage and body posture.

Training: 2 Days

Tuition fee: $550 CAD

Prepayment is required: $300 CAD


Thai Massage on the Chair (12 hours)

Thai traditional massage on a chair can be studied both by professionals and people without experience in the field of massage. The technique of this massage allows you to perform massage in most places where there is a chair and does not require a special cabinet. Thai massage on the chair is designed for masters who provide services in the office or for massaging the entire family at home. This course will teach students to properly perform a back massage, massage the shoulders, neck, head, hands in a sitting position in a chair or on a chair.Also, this massage gives an advantage to professionals who work in medical institutions to work with patients in wheelchairs. According to the results of the study of the impact of Thai traditional massage for people with disabilities, excellent results were obtained in Thailand, which proved only the positive dynamics of the massage effect on the whole organism. 

Training: 1 Day

Tuition fee:  $ 300 CAD

Prepayment is required: $ 150 CAD


Thai Reflexology Foot Massage (12 hours)

Thai Traditional Reflexology Foot Massage is a two-days Training Course. After the passed Course you can professionally perform Thai Reflexology Foot Massage as a massage Therapist in SPA Centers, in Massage parlors, but also at home with the family. Effectively developed method TMC School (Chiang-Mai) will help you enrich your knowledge and achieve the goal of providing professional Foot Massage for 2 days for 6 hours. The training Program includes the study of manual massage techniques, and also the reflexology of feet using a special wooden instrument. 

Training: 2 Days

Tuition fee:  $ 550 CAD

Prepayment is required: $ 300 CAD




Content of the program containing the following courses.(Note : 1 day = 6 hr. in-class hours)

1-4 Days Of practice according to your training. additional training on Thai Massage variation techniques, healing massage , and massage planning, review massage with teacher.

1/2 Day of practical examination exchange massage with student/ and written test
1/2 Day: Lecture on Applied Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology for Tissue in Manual Therapy
1/2 Day: Lecture on Theory of The Courese, preparation of a good Thai  Massage
and Professional Ethics.

Note: Some activities may change due to availability, but all the hours will
remain the same

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