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We are a 100% non sexual, certified,experienced and specialists Practitioners registered massage therapy clinic. Insurance Approved.


Organic vegetable oils and plants derived ingredients, such as safflower seed oil, grape seed oil, coconut oils, almond oils, aromatherapy oils, and tree tea oil are incorporated to provide therapeutic effects. We only use 100% organic natural ingredients.


Please Note: Couples Massage (side-by-side)  are NOT AVAILABLE to book online. Please call the Clinic at (587) 425-0074 or contact us to request this type of appointment.


Enjoy complimentary hot herbal tea before or after every massage or treatment.





Infant/Child/Youth Massage Therapy


$20 – 20-minutes
$33 – 30-minutes
$65 – 60 -minutes


Providing a warm and gentle touch to infants and children.It will help to stimulate an infant’s muscular and nervous system, and prevent any malformation.It will assist in the development of the infant’s body, mind and spirit.It calms the child by reducing anxiety and stress.




Prenatal Massage Therapy

(MUST be past 1st trimester)

$37.50   – 30-minutes
$75        – 60-minutes
$112.50  – 90-minutes
$150      – 120-minutes


Pregnancy Massage or Prenatal Massage is a type of treatment that Assists in fetal development by supporting the body’s circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and removing stagnant fluids.Therapeutic touch provides your developing baby with stimulating and nurturing input.

Encourages a healthy labor, eases muscular tension, increases hip flexibility and reduces swelling and other discomforts.

Increases endorphins and serotonin, promoting hormone balance, relaxation, and a sense of well-being for both mother and baby, technique incorporate a side-lying position.



Postnatal Massage Therapy


$80   – 60 -minutes
$120  – 90-minutes
$160  – 120-minutes


“Highly recommend book with add on herbal sauna”

Postpartum massage can be as important and beneficial as massage during Pregnancy.Postpartum bodywork is an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood. You may be surprised to receive much more than a spa retreat.Massage is well known for relaxationstrees reduction, pain relief and other health benefits. Unique postpartum benefits include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved Breastfeeding. More advanced therapy helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, speeds healing and assists with C-section recovery.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the stomach.



Therapeutic Massage/Hot Medicinal Oils.


$85        – 60-minutes
$127.50  – 90-minutes
$170       – 120-minutes


A therapeutic full bodywork treatment with hot medicinal herbal oils.Massage technique is developed and diversified from Ayurvedic Healing Massage.

This treatment is a wonderful way to improve physical and emotional well being.


Hot Stone Massage

$90 – 60-minutes

$130 – 90-minutes

$180 – 120-minutes


A full-body treatment using oils and Warm Lava Basalt Stones to radiate a soothing heat that encourages deep relaxation and relieves muscle tension.Improved Blood and Lymph Circulation,Relive Pain,Mental and Spiritual Benefits



Deep Tissue Sport Massage


$47.25    – 30-minutes
$63.75    – 45-minutes
$85         – 60-minutes
$127.50   – 90-minutes
$170        – 120-minutes


Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the back, back of the neck and shoulders.



Runner’s Massage Therapy


$60    – 45- minutes

$80   – 60-minutes

$120   – 90-minutes

$160  – 120- minutes


A therapeutic bodywork focusing on the feet, legs, lower back, and hamstring.This treatment is recommended after athletic events as a quick repair to rid lactic acid build-up in the legs.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the feet and legs.



ART/Advanced Orthopedic Therapy


$50  – 30-minutes
$90  – 60-minutes
$135 – 90-minutes
$180 – 120-minutes


Combining some elements of sports and medical massage.Orthopedic massage integrates ten modalities to treat soft-tissue pain and injury.Emphasis is placed on understanding both the injury and its rehabilitation criteria.Three basic elements adhered to, (despite the technical diversity in treatment), are assessment, matching the treatment to the injury, and adaptability of treatment.



Advanced Thai Clinical Massage Therapy (hybrid)


$40 – 30-minutes
$60 – 45-minutes
$80 – 60-minutes
$120 – 90-minutes
$160 – 120-minutes


This type of massage is advanced body work It combines massage technique principles of Thai massage with Western Clinical Massage adaptations, that involves medical terminology to treat specific medical conditions to bring about specific outcomes.




Organic Thai Aroma Therapy Oil Massage

$40  – 30-minutes
$60  – 45-minutes
$80  – 60-minutes
$120 – 90-minutes
$160 – 120-minutes


A full-body massage using essential oils to relax the body and mind. Smooth and soothing movements will gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated.




East Meet West Techniques Massage Therapy(hybrid)

$60  – 45-minutes
$80  – 60-minutes
$120 – 90-minutes
$160 – 120-minutes


This massage technique allows you to experience a classic western relaxing massage.It uses the main techniques of stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing.Combined with the East, Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points in relation to the concept of energy lines in order to provide relief.Stretch and loosen tightened muscles, release tension and relieve joints, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized.It is the best of both worlds.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the back, back of the neck and shoulders.




Traditional Thai Massage (Chaloisak)

$67.75   – 45-minutes
$85       – 60-minutes
$127.50 – 90-minutes
$170      – 120-minutes


Traditional Thai Massage (NUAD BORAN) is a deep, full body treatment Cloth on (traditional Thai clothing provided) on a Thai mat.It is a relaxing mixture of reflexology with acupressure.Pressure-point massage releases blocked energy, increasing awareness and vigor.Gentle stretching of the joints and muscles relieves tension, enhances flexibility and induces a deep



Thai Classic Nerve-Touch Massage (JAB SEN) 

$90 – 60-minutes

$130 – 90-minutes

$180 – 120-minutes


Nerve-Touch is a method of working on the nerve and energy lines and muscles. It is deeper and more therapeutically oriented than Traditional Thai Massage. The meridian lines are followed to arrange lines and points using pressing, rotating and squeezing techniques. This energizes, invigorates and restores balance to the entire system, as well as correcting misalignments, relieving pain and stress in specific areas.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the back, back of the neck and shoulders.



Ancient Royal Style Thai Therapeutic Massage(Rajchasumnuk)


$90 – 60-minutes

$130 – 90-minutes

$180 – 120-minutes


Traditional Thai massage over the clothes. More Polite form of massage, full body treatment (traditional Thai clothing provided) on a Thai table.Thumbs, palms and hands are used to apply pressure points to relieve muscular aches.This therapy combines stretching techniques to loosen joints and tone muscles.



Thai Medicinal Herbal Compress Massage(hybrid)

$90 – 60-minutes

$130 – 90-minutes

$180 – 120-minutes


Drift away tension while enjoying this an incredible treatment that uses rich blend of traditional Thai herbs, these compresses has simultaneously all wrapped in cotton cloth. When the compress is steamed, and applied to the skin with a specific massage technique, the essential oils from the herbs are transferred to the lucky recipients skin.

This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent, and therapeutic Thai massage help to release blocked energy, muscular tension, increases blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and ease a restless mind.



Thai Foot/Hands Reflexology 

$40 – 30-minutes

$80  – 60-minutes
$120– 90-minutes
$160 – 120-minutes

Foot Reflexology is a natural therapy (requires the application of a specific type of pressure on the reflexes in the hands and feet corresponding to every part of the body) which helps revitalize the energy and balance the body.

It motivates and activates the potential self defence system of an individual and finally leads to the strengthening of the immune system. Individuals involved will experience remedial results and feel a general improvement in their health condition.Includes Thai Medicinal herbal compress which is pressed on the feet and legs.



Thai Warrior Massage with Physical Body Balancing (hybrid)

“This Treatment is a unique massage style NOT AVAILABLE to book online. Please call the Clinic at (587) 425-0074 or contact us to request this type of appointment”


$160 – 90 minutes

$220 – 120 minutes

Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient traditional Thai therapy. Before the 13th century, this massage was used to heal injured warriors returning from war.The modern unique Thai warrior massage therapy from Thailand is a combination between Ancient Royal Style traditional massage and Ruesri Datton (Thai Hermit Exercise) or known as yoga massage together.The combinations of soft tissue/manipulation domain , acupressure, gentle and deep stretching to aid tension relief and promote the balance of circulating life force energy in your body. Yes, this therapy bring you to feel an extraordinary sense of well-being afterwards and benefits both the recipients and therapist.



Add on Sauna to your Massage

$35 – 30-minutes


Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna . With good reason. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring.

A 15-30 minutes session is all it takes to look and feel better. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat is well-documented and proven day in and out by people all over the world. Which is why more and more doctors are recommending its purifying benefits.



Add on Cupping to your Massage

$20 – 15 -minutes

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts specifically designed cups on your skin in specific spots to create suction.It is for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood circulation, relaxation, well-being, and as a type of deep tissue massage.

Please note that cupping may leave marks or bruising that may last a few days. This is a result of bringing non circulating stagnant blood to the area.




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