Immerse yourself in perfect balance and well being.

This journey combines a collection of signature massage developed for clients to experience the soul of a Thai spa journey as well as its ancient traditions. Ingredients are carefully selected for their healing properties.

Please Note :Couples Massage and Facial( Side by Side Treatment)NOT AVAILABLE to booking online.

Please call the Clinic (587)425-0074 ,(403)360-9293 or email us to request this  type of appointment. 


1.5 Hour  Signature Massage Combo $115.00 

• Choice of 1 Hour –  Traditional Thai (Yoga )Massage (Nuad Thai Boran) ,  1 Hour – Organic Thai Aromatherapy Massage Or  1 Hour- East Meet West Techniques Massage therapy .

• 30 Minutes -Thai Foot/Hands Reflexology (Nuad Tao)

• Refreshment or Herbal Tea

2 Hour Signature Massage Combo $165.00

• Choice Of  1.5 Hour- Deep Tissue ,Sport Massage Therapy,1.5 Hour- Hot Medicinal Oils/Therapeutic Massage  Or 1.5 Hour ANCIENT ROYAL STYLE  THAI MASSAGE (NUAD THAI RACHASUMNUK)

• 30 Minutes -Thai Foot/Hands Reflexology (Nuad Tao)

• Refreshment or Herbal Tea

2.5 Hour Signature Massage Combo $210.00

• Choice Of 90 Minutes -Advanced Orthopedic (ART technique) Massage Therapy or 90 Minutes-Thai Medicinal  Hot Herbal Compress Massage Therapy .(NUAD PRA KOB)

• 1 Hour -Thai Foot/Hands Reflexology (NUAD TAO)

• Refreshment or Herbal Tea


• Smoothing coconut Foot Scrub

• Choice of East Meet West Techniques Massage therapy ,  Oganic Thai Aromatherapy Massage Or Advanced Thai Massage Therapy

• Thai Classic Facial

• Refreshment /Herbal Tea

Thai Harmony (Four Hands Massage)

A four hand massage performed by two therapists in unison, this experience coordinates a blend of Thai Therapuetic  and Reflexology techniques using deep rhythmic movement to leave you feeling completely renewed

60 Minutes – $150.00

90 Minutes – $220.00

120 Minutes – $300.00

COUPLES ULTIMATE Well being 3 Hrs / $399.00 

Inspired by my Grandma ‘s  rituals on Health awareness ,this treatment uses Hot Medicinal oils to increase blood circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage promoting  Health and vitality.

• Herbal Powder Mix foot Scrub

• Hot Medicinal Oils /Therapeutic Massage Forever Love for Two

•Pevonia Facial Formula for Him

•Pevonia Face Nourishment  for Her

•Refreshment/Herbal Tea


Our Therapists specialize in : Advanced  Orthopedic Massage Therapy Sport, Soft Tissues injury, Advanced Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage, Authentic technique,Advanced Thai Clinical Massage Therapy , Aromatherapy oil Massage, Thai Medicinal Hot Herbal Compress Massage Therapy,Thai Foot ,hand Reflexology, Headache/Migraine Relief, massage for woman’s health care, (Prenatal/postnatal/ Menopause )Organic facials