Massage Course

Intensive Professional Thai Massage Course (Certificate)


School Location: Bay B 229 12Street C North,Lethbridge,AB T1H2M6.


Traditional style focus on flowing movements, sensitivity/awareness and tailor-made techniques to suit individual needs.

We believe everybody is different and encourage our students to adjust their techniques to suit individual needs and body conditions.

A certificate accredited by The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (Thailand Ministry of Public Health and Thailand Ministry of Education).


Traditional Thai Massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage has its roots in a 2500-year-old medical system that derives itself from the AYURVEDIC HEALING ART.

We offer two Intensive Professional Thai Massage courses. One for 150 hours and one for 372 hours.

This one of a kind course will focus on the Burmese energy model, its structure, function, location and therapeutic effect.

Technique for this course will be taught from an advanced perspective, allowing students to enhance their creative side and develop their own personal sense of treatment style.

Thai Massage course Includes an entry exam, and a final written exam.

Professional Thai (Yoga)Massage Level 1 (150 Hours) 

FEE : 1000.00 CAD

Advanced Thai Medical Massage Level 4 (372 Hours)

FEE : 2000.00 CAD



**Approved by Thailand Ministry of Public Health and Thailand Ministry of Education.
**Price and condition are subject to change without prior notice.
**Courses are taught in English.


Class Rules & Regulations

  • Students must be punctual and registration for each lesson is required. Students are not allowed to sign in on behalf of other students.
  • Absence is not permitted. If absent for 3 consecutive days due to illness, a doctor’s note must be presented to the Head Instructor before a student resumes attendance. For unavoidable business trips, the Head Instructor must be informed beforehand to be excused from class.
  • The academy reserves the right to provide repeat classes or examinations for absentees. Students are best advised to be present at all times as it is their responsibility to catch up with missed lessons or examinations.
  • A certificate will only be awarded to students who have attended over 90% of class hours, have achieved satisfactory result in the examinations and fulfilled stated number of hours for case studies if the course requires. Re-examination is obliged for students whose results do not meet the standard of the academy. An additional fee will be charged for all examination re-takes.
  • Students are expected to attend classes properly groomed at all times.
  • Students are required to practice on each other during practical sessions.
  • To avoid class disturbance, photos, and video recording during lessons are not allowed.
  • Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and using narcotics are strictly prohibited in the academy. Any student under the influence of any of the above will be dismissed.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the classrooms.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off once inside the classrooms.
  • With a deposit of $50.00, a student is provided with a locker to keep personal belongings. Deposit will be returned once assigned locker is vacated and locker key is returned to the academy.
  • All students are expected to look after their personal properties. The academy will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal items kept in the lockers or elsewhere in the academy premises.
  • Students are expected to properly use and respect properties, facilities and equipment belonging to the academy. Students will be responsible to pay for repair or replacement for any damage caused, due to negligence and recklessness.
  • The academy reserves the right to change training schedules when necessary. Students will be notified as early as possible.
  • The academy reserves the right to expel any student who fails to comply with academy regulations, or whose behavior and conduct negatively affects the reputation and operation of the academy. No tuition fee refund will be provided for expulsion.