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It’s not often you get to work at something you love – but our team are living proof you can! Read our personal Skills and see what brought us here and why we can’t wait to massage all those aches, pains and troubles away. We have Senior Holistic Practitioners, Practitioners and Apprentices who are licensed by the City of Lethbridge as well as RMTs (NHPC Registered) who can fulfill your Healthcare requirements. Our Students are trained right here at our center and enjoy the benefits of being mentored by our senior staff. Once they build up confidence, we allow them to perform massages on the public. Some students choose to stay on with us as Apprentices to further their training. Have a browse at their profiles below.

Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) must complete 2200 hours of study in anatomy, physiology, sports medicine, pregnancy,infant,youth massage and a host of other techniques and hold an active membership of provincial Association.

Registered Thai Therapists (RTT) must Complete  minimum 220 hours Of Hands on study of traditional Thai massage. The study must have been done in traditional style,Thai foot massage; reflexology; Thai acupressure; Thai for the table; and Thai accessory modalities such as reusi dat ton; tok sen,  etc.  And study in anatomy, physiology, sports medicine, pregnancy,infant,youth massage and a host of other techniques and hold an active membership of International Association.

As the Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai massage grows internationally, more and more RMTs are training in this modality to offset table fatigue and enhance the client experience. All massages are covered under your Healthcare benefits. Our highly skilled RMT’s look forward to addressing your health concerns and pampering you in the process!

Owner, Executive Manager

  • Certified RTT
  • Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine
  • Clinic Business Management
  • Media,Advertise,Administrator

Owner, Director, Instructor
3000 Hours RMT and 5000 Hours RTTs

  • Certified RMT,RTTS,TTCM
  • Advanced Clinical Massage
  • Advanced Orthopedic Massage
  • Sport Massage
  • Soft Tissue Injury Deep Tissue Massage
  • Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy
  • Alternative-Holistic Health
  • Authentic Traditional Thai Massage
  • Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
  • Infant/Child Massage Therapy
  • Foot/Hands reflexology
  • East meet west technique Massage therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Thai Medicinal Herbal Compress Massage
  • Organic Facials

Supervisor, Manager
2200 Hours RMT

  • Certified RMT,RTT
  • Orthopedic Massage Therapy
  • Sport Massage
  • Soft Tissue Massage
  • Injury Massage
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Massage
  • Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage
  • Hand/Foot Reflexology
  • Child/Youth ART Massage
  • Advanced Thai Medical Massage
  • Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Thai Medicinal Hot Herbal Compress Massage
  • East Meets West Technique Massage


  • Customers service
  • Billing


  • Costumers service
  • Billing
  • Book keeping

Jillian is doing her Practicum with Lethbridge Thai Massage for Clinic Assistant Business Management

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