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It’s not often you get to work at something you love – but our team are living proof you can!

Please read our personal Skills.We have Experienced Traditional Thai Medicine Practitioners and Massage Specialists who are licensed for employment and training as a Thai Massage Therapist by the city of Lethbridge as well as Registered Massage Therapists who can fulfill your Healthcare requirements.

THAI MASSAGE THERAPISTS (TM’S / TTM’S),  Must have ancient and Modern Skills necessary to conduct a patient assessment, develop treatment plans, deliver safe and effective treatment, and evaluate outcomes and must complete minimum education requirement of Hands on study, 250 – 800 hours .Thais study, when carried out seriously with a commitment to long term study with a wide variety of techniques.

Traditional Thai massage, passive stretching and focus on sen channels (pathways of movement in the body such as tendons, ligaments, nerves and circulatory vessels),acupressure,External application of herbs through balms, liniments, compresses and poultices, Divination – Use of vedic astrology, numerology, palmistry and geomancy to determine health predisposition and remedial measures,
Buddhism – seen as the mental health branch of Thai medicine.

Thai accessory modalities such as :

Thai Foot massage or Reflexology,Thai massage for the table,Reusi dat ton,Tok sen, Jab sen,Cupping, Manual Therapy,Physical manipulation etc.

Must studies in ,massage therapy include basic knowledge of Western medicine and a host of other techniques and hold an active membership of provincial Association 

REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPISTS (RMT’s) , who treats health conditions diagnosed by a doctor.

Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help rehabilitate injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

Must complete minimum education requirement of 2200 hours of study in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Orthopedic assessment , Sport , Pregnancy ,Clinical massage and hold an active membership of provincial Association.




A member in good standing with: NHPC , NCBTMB , Thai Healing Alliance International and more…

 20 Years of experience

 About Me

“My nickname is Apple”

I was born and raised in a village of Thailand-where life is simple and relaxed.
I began my Massage tradition at 8 years old larned from my grandmother who is a Thai midwife nurse ,practice Thai traditional medicine and massage in the Village of Thailand.

I left my Country to study and work in canada ,along with my Traditional/Complementary Medicine and massage therapy practice”.

Credential relevant to Manual Therapy :

  • Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai-GCT -TEACHER TRAINING – Chiang Mai Thailand(2018)
  • Master Jack Shaman -Thai Warrior Massage – Phang-Nga Thailand(2018)
  • MaKami College-Upgrade 3,000 hours Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma -Edmonton,AB(2015)
  • The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society-Teacher of Thai Massage for health ,Branch of Thai Medicine-Bangkok Thailand(2015)
  • Turner Institute of Orthopedic Therapy-Orthopedic Massage Diploma 2200 hours-Edmonton, AB(2013)
  • Thai Massage & Spa Academy -Complete all level-Bangkok Thailand(2012)
  • University of Chiang Mai- Rehabilitation Medicine Higher Grad.Dip. Clin. Sci. – Chiang Mai Thailand(2011)
  • University of Chiang Mai -Traditional/Complementary Medicine Grad.Dip.Sci.– Chiang Mai Thailand(2009)
  • The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society- Thai massage -Bangkok Thailand(2007)
  • Lek Chaiya-Nerve Touch Thai Massage (Jap Sen)& Thai Herbal Massage -Chiang Mai Thailand(2004)
  • Wat Po Traditional Medical School-Thai Pharmacy,Thai medicine and Thai massage – Bangkok Thailand(2000)

I love to share Thai Culture, Traditional Thai herbal medicine incorporated with Advanced massage,Acupressure and Body work technique and i’m currently an Instructor of The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society and Affiliated Teacher of Thai Massage School of Chiang-Mai

For me, being a massage therapist is rewarding. I combining Clinical knowledge and Power of Natural Healing with Traditional Thai Well- Being

The guiding philosophy of each Massage and spa journey is to deliver holistic well-being to each individual.



A member in good standing with: NHPC,  

Approximately 74460 hours of recorded practice

8.5 Years of experience

 About Me

My Name is “KATE”

I ‘m come from Thailand. Passioness in Thai Healing Massage .

Over the years i had developed expert skills in a variety of modalities including Thai Traditional medicine,Thai Massage therapist ,Clinical Massage,Hot Oil/Therapeutic-Thai Foot Hand Reflexology-Hot Stone Massage,Relaxation,Thai Medicinal Herbal Compress Massage,Sport/Deep Tissue ,Trigger Point Therapy,Face & Body Spa treatment .

Credential :

  • Siripatthaimed Traditional Thai Medicine School Therapeutic massage and Thai Medicine Thailand in 2018
  • The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society-Bangkok Thailand (All Levels) in 2016
  • Dhonburi Rajabhat University – Bachelor of Science -Bangkok Thailand in 2006

I incorporated Advance Thai Massage techniques into my own full body massage making it unique and specialized for each client.

I’m genuine person wish to make every client feel better physically and mentally and leave with a “wanting to return” experience.




A member in good standing with: NHPC, 

4 Years of experience

About Me

“My nickname is Jinie”

I was born in Khon Kaen,Thailand. As a young girl, my Mom showed me how to walk on her back and often told me how good it felt. She said it took all her aches and pains away and made her feel brand new. That always made me happy.  Thai massage. Now it is my dream to help others release their aches and pains and feel joy again.

Credential :

  • I graduated Professional Thai Massage level 3 (150 hours) in 2015 and Advanced Thai Massage level 4 (372 hours) in 2017 from The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.
  • Dhonburi Rajabhat University – Bachelor of Science -Bangkok Thailand in 2004




A member in good standing with: NHPC, 

7 Years of experience

About Me

I was born in Northern Thailand. It is a peaceful and natural place. The environment shaped me to be a kind person, that’s why I want to study about health science to take care of people. After I graduated from University, I worked in Applied Thai Traditional Clinic for improving skills with professional Thai Medicine for a while, till I got Medical therapist with Ultimate rehab company. There are many branch hospitals and I had good opportunity to work with famous hospitals such as Piyavate hospital, Bangkok hospital and Arun Health Garden Medical center for 5 years. I was working to get many experiences to take care of patients and how to support their mind also.

Credential :

  • The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society – Professional Thai Massage level 4 (372 hours)-Bangkok Thailand in 2017
  • Thai Massage & Spa Academy- Sport Massage -Bangkok Thailand in 2015
  • The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society – Professional Thai Massage level 3 (150 hours)-Bangkok Thailand in 2014
  • Mea Fah Luang University – Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine – Chiang Rai Thailand in 2013

I decided to apply spa therapist abroad. I worked at 5 stars hotels such as Sharq village spa by the Ritz Carlton, shangri la and JW Marriott Marquis in Qatar. At that time, I learnt the best experiences to take care of guests and how to handle them to get the best service. Now, I turn back to work with the best wellness center in Lethbridge and I’m ready to apply all my experience in clinic and spa to access your health concern.




1.5 Years of experience

A member in good standing with: NHPC ,

I graduated with honors from Southern Alberta Institute of Massage in January of 2019. Willing to incorporate Thai Therapeutic technique to evaluate physical health and like minded community.
I intended to use my knowledge consultations nutrition, massage therapy to bring awareness to Clients and use yoga to transfer the responsibility for their physical and emotional wellness .And have followed up my training with Dynamic Cupping,Reiki 1,and am working toward my Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours through Mandorla Institute .

Office Staff


Business Management Manager // Maintenance 

Manager duty . Traditional Thai Massage & Herbal Medicine Knowledge.



Assistant Manager // Receptionist

Business Management. Assistant Manager duty.

  • Customers service
  • Billing
  • Make sure that things run smoothly at the clinic
  • Specialty: Keeping it real at reception


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