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It’s not often you get to work at something you love – but our team are living proof you can!

Please read our personal Skills.We have Experienced Holistic Practitioners and Massage Specialists who are licensed for employment and training as a Thai Massage Therapist by the city of Lethbridge as well as Registered Massage Therapists who can fulfill your Healthcare requirements.

Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) must complete minimum education requirement of 2200 hours of study in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Sport medicine, Pregnancy massage and hold an active membership of provincial Association.

Registered Thai Massage Therapists (RTT)and(RTTs) .Skills necessary to conduct a patient assessment, develop treatment plans, deliver safe and effective treatment, and evaluate outcomes and  must complete minimum education requirement of 220-500 hours of Hands on study of traditional Thai massage. Traditional Medicine,Thai foot massage or reflexology,Thai acupressure,Herbal Medicine; Thai for the table,and Thai accessory modalities such as Reusi dat ton, tok sen, Jab sen etc,and more study in ,anatomy, physiology, Sport medicine, kinesiology , clinical massage include basic knowledge of Western medicine and a host of other techniques and hold an active membership  of provincial Association and International Association



Director/Owner/Registered Massage Therapist/Registered Thai Medical Massage Instructor.

2200 Hours (Orthopedic RMT), 3000 Hours (RMT) ,4200 Hour (TTCM),5000 Hours (RTTs),

And member in good standing with: NHPCA , NCBTMB , Thai Healing Alliance International.

Approximately 15000 hours of recorded practice

Over 19 Years of experience

 About Me

“My nick name is Apple”
I was born and raised in a village of Thailand-where life is simple and relaxed.
I begain my Massage tradition at 8 years old larned from my grandmother who is a midwife and practice Thai traditional medicine in the Village of Thailand.

At the age of twenty .I left my Country to study and work in canada ,along with my Thai Traditional Medicine and massage practice”.

Credential in Traditional medicine,Thai Massage and Massage Therapy :

  • TMC Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai  Thailand GCT: TEACHER TRAINING in 2018
  • Thai Warrior Massage Master Jack Shaman Phang-Nga, Thailand in 2018
  • Upgrade 3,000 hours Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma at the MaKami College in 2015
  • Turner Institute (2200 hours) Massage Therapy in 2013
  • Thai Massage & Spa Academy (All Levels) in 2012
  • TTCM/Chiang Mai University-Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine in 2011
  • Utts -The Union of Thai Traditional medicine society (All Levels) in 2007
  • Nerve Touch Thai Massage (Jap Sen) & Thai Herbal Massage – Lek Chaiya (All Levels) in 2004
  • TTM-Wat Po Trditional Medical School where Thai Massage instruction originated(All Levels)in 2000

I love to share Thai Culture, Combines Traditional Thai herbal medicine incoporeated with Advanced massage and Body work technique and i’m currently an Instructor of The Union Of Thai  Traditional Medicine Society and Affiliated Teacher of Thai Massage School of Chiang-Mai – Present.

For me, being a Thai massage therapist is rewarding. I Harness the positive energy of nature with traditional Thai therapy.

The guiding philosophy of each Massage and spa journey is to deliver holistic well-being to each individual.


Staff Supervisor/Registered Massage Therapist.
2200 Hours (Orthopedic RMT), 372 Hours (RTT)

And member in good standing with : NHPCA .

Approximately 5000 hours of recorded practice

8 Years of experience

About Me

“My nick name is Anna”

Massage has been a hobby of mine since childhood. As a kid, I enjoyed massaging family members to help ease their stress and pain. I found it very satisfying to be able to provide that happiness to others.

Credential in Thai Traditional Massage Healing and Massage Therapy :

I graduated Professional Thai Massage level 4 (372hours) from The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society in 2013

Further education at Turner Institute of Orthopedic Massage Therapy (2200 hours) in 2016

I provide my clients with maximum benefit of Traditional  Thai  Massage and Massage therapy techniques and put more effort into improving Client ‘s health and well-being .




522 Hours (RTT)

And member in good standing with: Thai Healing Alliance International,

About Me

My name is Brad

Credential in Massage :

Upgrade 2200 hours of Massage Therapy – In progress

I graduated Professional Thai Massage  level 3 (150 hours) in 2015 and Advanced Thai Massage level4 (372hours) in 2017 from The Union Of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.


  • Certified : RTT
  • Business Management
  • Media, Advertise, Administrator



Holistic Practitioner/Thai Massage Therapist.

And member in good standing with: Thai Healing Alliance International.

About Me

My Name is 


Credential in Massage :


Holistic Practitioner/Thai Massage Therapist.

About Me

My Name is



Office Staff



Full-Time : Receptionist

  • Costumers service
  • Billing
  • Clinic Assistant
  • Make sure that things run smoothly at the clinic




Part-Time :Receptionist

  • Customers service
  • Billing

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