•  Prerequisites: Certified or Licensed (CMT/LMT) Massage Therapist

The most comprehensive—intensive curriculum for learners seeking to become professional in the field of Thai massage: The 20Days—150 hours training is complete with theory in Thai massage, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, contraindications and understanding of quality Thai massage and able to perform with confident and poise.

LTMA made available reference Textbooks in anatomy and related references to massage for students to review and great for home study.
The THAI MASSAGE 150 hours program will enable students to perform Thai massage safely and effectively. Thus the graduates will be able to offer Thai massage service to the public. The curriculum is approved by the Thai Ministry of Education for Thai Massage 150 hours program.
For a Thai citizen this program will qualify the graduate to apply for skill testing with the Labor Department for the certificate of Thai massage therapist level 1 and able to apply to work aboard.

Course are recognized by 

Training: 20Days

Tuition fee: please  contact us

Prepayment is required: 10% Deposit

THAI MASSAGE 150 hours Content :

Content of the program containing the following courses.(Note : 1 day = 8 hr. in-class hours)
8Days: Thai Massage: Level 1
8Days: Thai Foot Massage: Level 2

Thai Massage practice includes:

1 Days Thai Massage training combining all the knowledge from Level 1-2 and additional training on Thai Massage variation techniques, healing massage , and Professional massage planning, review massage with teacher.
1 Day Thai Massage for senior persons at the Legacy Lodge Assisted Living for senior.
1 Day Thai Traditional Medicine Herb packs preparation and massage modality of LTMA
1/2 Day of practical examination exchange massage with student/ and written test
1/2 Day: Lecture on Theory of Thai Massage, preparation of a good Thai massage,
and Professional Ethics.

Note: Some activities may change due to availability, but all the hours will
remain the same

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